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May 06, 2013

ReciProty would like to support its members who are making a difference in our business and local communities. ReciProty is a free online platform that allows members to meet locally to get the help, support, and business opportunities they need.

Today’s ReciProty Leader is Jon Turino from Jon Turino Marketing + Connections. Jon specializes in helping businesses grow with better marketing strategies. He has earned recognition by sharing leads and assisting other ReciProty members with resources to help them thrive in their business pursuits. We are pleased to share more information about Jon and one of his blogging articles with our readers. For additional articles written by Jon Turino, please visit the blogging section at the bottom of ReciProty’s Home Page:

1.    Tell us more about yourself and your company.

I have 40+ years of marketing experience in the high tech software and capital equipment industries and have run both a seminar and consulting firm and an insurance and financial services firm.  I have now turned my attention to helping small business grow through better marketing strategies.  I’m the author of three books – and working on a fourth – and my passion is helping small business owners avoid the mistakes I’ve made, and seen others make, so that they can grow their businesses more efficiently and effectively. 

2.    How can you help other small to moderate businesses?

I help them sort out who their real target markets are, how to develop and refine messages that will resonate with those target markets and select the right media for delivering those messages to those target markets. I’ve found that many small business owners fall for the “tactic of the day” trap or tend to use “spray and pray” marketing methods without doing any serious research or strategic planning. I offer tools and services to help them get that job done quickly, painlessly and at a very reasonable cost.

3.    Name one value added benefit your company can offer our members.

I bring years of knowledge and experience that will help them avoid common mistakes and use their marketing time and money in the most effective and efficient manner. Because I have experience as an owner of two small successful businesses I think that that knowledge, coupled with empathy for my clients, is probably the highest valued added thing that I bring to the table.

4.    What is the value of becoming a member of

I get a tremendous amount of exposure to the other members as well as the opportunity to refer those other members to people and businesses who ask me for help.

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We now had the opportunity to get to learn more about Jon and his company, Jon Turino Marketing + Connections. We are excited about having this chance to share one of his blogs with our readers. Additional blogs written by Jon can be found at:

Markets, Messaging and Media by Jon Turino

There are probably as many models for marketing strategy development as there are marketing strategists. Many are based on the producer oriented four P’s model of Product, Price, Promotion and Place. There are also two “four C’s” models. Plus another model recently described in the Harvard Business Review, reinterprets the four P’s model by evolving products to Solutions, place to Access, price to Value, and promotion to Education—SAVE, for short.

Without making any judgments about the appropriateness of any of the models as a proper framework for developing a marketing strategy, I like to ask three critical questions at several key points in the strategy development process. I call them the 3 M’s – Markets, Messaging and Media, none of which seem to get much attention in the traditional marketing models.


By markets I mean asking ourselves the questions that will make sure we understand who our real target markets are. If we don’t know that, we risk falling prey to “spray and pray” tactics that are woefully expensive and inefficient. Who is most likely to become a customer for the product or service that we are promoting as a solution? We really need to know that to market effectively.


The next of the three M’s is messaging. By messaging I mean making sure that the messages we develop for delivery to our real target markets truly resonate with those people. We need to create messages that stir both brains and bellies, where we “go for the guts” to arouse primal instincts that will incite the fulfillment of the prospects’ needs, wants and desires. Think in terms of the hierarchy of needs here – creating messages that will resonate with both the physical and psychological parts of the target market prospects.


Then there are lots of media choices available for getting those messages to the markets we’ve identified. Print, broadcast, telemarketing, Internet, social media, text messaging. We need to ask ourselves which ones will be most effective in delivering our messages. We need to make sure that the delivery mechanism technology is compatible with the kinds of technology that our target markets are comfortable in using to absorb messages. Texting might be perfect for the techno-savvy but is it right for the elderly? We need to think about this during each phase of the marketing strategy development process.

I like to think of the three M’s as tools to help keep marketing strategy development in the right context regardless of the model, template or method used to put the formal strategy together. We can’t lose sight of who we’re trying to market to, what messages will move them toward a purchasing decision and how we’re going to get those message across to them. No matter what product, price, promotion, place, solution, access, value and education constraints we are dealing with.

About the Author

Jon Turino is a seasoned marketing professional who can help you identify your real target markets. He can assist with and developing messages that will resonate with the members of those markets and help you select the best media for delivering those messages. His specialties include marketing strategy development, high impact relationship building, public relations, Internet marketing, networking, presentation development and coaching, team building and leadership.

About ReciProty

ReciProty is a new and unique community networking website that re-establishes the community support system of yesteryear with a 21st century twist. By organizing and harnessing global resources and funneling them to a local level, ReciProty is taking our Community Service, Business Networking, Small Business Resource and Online Marketing opportunities to the Next Level!

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